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SSD Upgrade

Upgrade to an SSD (Super Speedy Drive)!

If your computer is still using a mechanical hard drive, consider upgrading to an SSD hard drive for super fast performance and superior reliability! SSD actually stands for Solid State Drive, but it really is a Super Speedy Drive. As prices for SSDs have dropped over time, it makes much more sense to upgrade those mechanical hard drives. 

Unlike mechanical hard drives, an SSD is flash based memory with no moving parts. Think of it as a large flash or thumb drive that replaces your existing mechanical drive. This eliminates many of the typical issues with hard drives, such as mechanical failure. This is only the beginning as to why it's beneficial to make the change. 

Overall, the largest thing you will notice with an SSD is that super fast performance. The computer will boot up extremely fast because an SSD can access data faster, and more importantly you will see applications and games load much quicker.

Here is a breakdown of the benefits:

  • No moving parts eliminates mechanical failure
  • Superior reliability
  • More durable
  • Super fast performance
  • Quick boot up, quick loading, and quick file transfers
  • Lower energy consumption
  • Runs quieter and cooler

Whether you have a laptop or desktop computer, we can replace your mechanical hard drive with an SSD today!  Contact us today for more information or a quote.